Considering the difficulties we are currently going through due to COVID-19, we’ve decided to prepare something different for the event Happy Go Running 2020:

This upcoming April 26th we will be celebrating a special edition of our Happy Go Running. It will be different: since we can not run around the campus, we will run at home!

This challenge is called HappyNaCasa and we still offer the same three original modalities, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • 10k hike (12.000 steps)
  • 6.6k race
  • 10k race

To take part in the event, you simply have to share a picture with the completed distance in any of the three modalities. To do this, you can use a smartband, a mobile app or something similar. Tag us in a post in your feed or in your stories using the hashtag #eusonmuvernacasa and mention any of our social media accounts: Instagram (muversuvigo), Facebook (mUVers Uvigo) or Twitter (@mUVersUvigo).

You need to complete the distance in one sitting, meaning as if you were participating on campus.

Please, share your picture before April 26th at 20:00h.

  • Gifts: there will be a raffle between those who complete the distance in any of the three modalities, the winner will receive a commemorative T-shirt of this special occasion. The raffle will take place on April 27th.
  • Photo contest: we encourage you to share a picture or a video showcasing your participation in the event. Please, tag us using the hashtag #eusonmuvernacasa and mention our account. We will choose the most creative post out of all the participants, they will receive a commemorative sweatshirt as a gift.