This year, we will be celebrating a special version of the event: from home!

You can find all the information on the link below:


Just like the year before, we still offer three different modalities of participation:

  • 10 km PRO Race
  • 6.6 km race
  • 12 km hike

This way, everyone who is attending can enjoy the event regardless their physical condition, so we can honor the race’s motto: to enjoy a day with happiness as the main character.

You can check the Happy Go Running 2019 ranking here:


The 10 km PRO Race is part of the circuit RunRun Vigo de Carreiras Populares, this way, everyone who signs up for this modality will be automatically registered to the RunRun Vigo circuit.

A carreira de 10 km forma parte do Circuíto RunRun Vigo de Carreiras Populares, de xeito que as persoas inscritas nesta modalidade quedarán inscritas automaticamente no circuíto RunRun Vigo.


You can sign up in the link bellow:


Brochure and guide

Also, you can read the english brochure here, it includes all the information about the event and indications on how to sign up:



You can also participate as a volunteer to take part on the organization of the event. Click on the link bellow to register: